Senior UX Designer @ Anomali

2018 - 2019

UX Designer & UI Developer @ Sheet Music Plus

2014 - 2017

UX Design Specialist @ SAP


Front End Developer @ Endurance International


B.A. in Philosophy @ Florida State University


AltMBA @ Seth Godin’s AltMBA

Tools & Skills
  • Sketch, Axure, & Adobe Suite
  • HTML5 + CSS3 / LESS / SCSS / PostCSS
  • Interaction / User Experience
  • Visual / Interface Design / Design Systems

Fiori Design Guidelines

The definitive design specs for all of SAP Fiori applications.

My Roles
  • User Experience Designer
  • Front End Developer
  • Sketch
  • Invision
  • Sublime Text
  • Wordpress
  • Jquery

1. The Problem

When designing for the enterprise, especially at SAP where the user base is almost a billion people, there are countless personas, problems and tasks designers need to solve for. Here, we needed to organize a lot of information in a useful way for designers from around the globe can build the applications they need with the most recent, up-to-date, knowledge from the central Fiori team.

2. My Role

I was on this project as a designer and developer. As a part of a team of three, I was involved in ideation, visual and UX design, and implementation.

3. The Solution

The design decisions on this site were handled by a team of three of us and the bulk of the work I did was in the navigation and search. I needed to come up with a way to present the breadth of information in a discoverable, searchable way. Communicating a hierarchy of information was difficult here. We were also constrained by the wordpress plugins we were using and the volume of content.

4. Takeaways

This was my first project working with a team overseas. I worked with a development partner based in Germany and ended up traveling over there to complete the project. There were also a lot of tight deadlines and high level pressure. In the end, I enjoyed working with a team and came to value being in the same room as everyone on the project.