Senior UX Designer @ Anomali

2018 - 2019

UX Designer & UI Developer @ Sheet Music Plus

2014 - 2017

UX Design Specialist @ SAP


Front End Developer @ Endurance International


B.A. in Philosophy @ Florida State University


AltMBA @ Seth Godin’s AltMBA

Tools & Skills
  • Sketch, Axure, & Adobe Suite
  • HTML5 + CSS3 / LESS / SCSS / PostCSS
  • Interaction / User Experience
  • Visual / Interface Design / Design Systems


In January of this year, I took on the task of learning as much as possible about a brand new industry while relying on my design instincts and experience to make a meaningful impact where I could. Ultimately, my short time at Anomali gave me some great people to work with and challenging work to show here. I was laid at the end of April off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Roles
  • Senior UX Designer
  • Axure
  • Jira
  • Confluence


Within Threatstream, users have the ability to detonate a potential malware on partner integrations such as VMWare or Joe Sandbox. In this feature, I was asked to add advanced settings for paying customers and a freemium flow as well as a third vendor.

Using different vendors to detonate potential malware on assorted platforms.

Configure Fieldset

Many assets make their way into Match and, for a lot of customers, the default fields did not meet their organizational needs. A customer asked if they could have the ability to add fields to their assets' data tables. For me, this tabs pattern next to the left side view of the available settings is a problem but, it's one of the concessions I had to make in moving towards a better product with minimal development time available for this feature.

Only the admin had to ability to custom define the fields for their assets.

Backup & Restore

A lot of data is created by watching network events and configuring how Match would send that data to other software products. One of the biggest items on our roadmap was Backing up Match data and Restoring from that data. I created a flow for users to setup and schedule backups from an initial installation as well as connect to a backup disk from the settings menu had they not done so on install.

This is the backups screen in the settings. The user would connect to a disk and then schedule backups from here.
This screen shows a list of backups a user created manually but with a nudge for them to schedule their backups.

Universal Link

Universal Link is a way for users to bring their system's logs into Match. These logs are formatted by Match and the events are converted to tables. Here the user has the ability to control that output by mapping the data to the table according to their unique specs and we added the ability to introduce conditions.

Custom Data Mapping in Universal Link with conditional options.